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Foundation Makeup

Practical Beauty Tips This Summer

Beauty tricks vary with the season. Summer needs a unique beauty technique. During this period, a different environment and climate challenge our skin primarily. It is foolhardy to wear the same make up with the same style on this hot season. From the clothes we wear from the makeup we …

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Skin Care

Sunbathing Beauty Tips For An All Summer Suntan

Everyone loves the look of beautiful tanned skin. It looks healthy and attractive. Getting a beautiful suntan is something that must be done carefully so that you do not permanently damage your skin. The sun is a very powerful thing and it can cause a lot of skin problems such …

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Benefit Cosmetics

Beauty Care – Skin Care in Summer

Rising temperatures are not good for the skin. One should know and understand the type and nature of the skin and take precautions and care and use non-toxic ingredients to avoid or mitigate dryness, suntan and adopt ways to keep it clean and cool.
When the skin is …