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The Importance of Dental Hygiene and First Impressions

The Importance of Dental Hygiene and First Impressions

The first impression is always the most important and believe it or not, your oral hygiene has plenty to do with making a grand first impression. Regardless of whether this first impression is made for personal reasons like a first date, or a business venture such as entertaining new clients or potential customers. Your appearance plays an important role in how you will be perceived from that point forward. First impressions are everything and nothing about your appearance is off-limits including clothing, your hairstyle, your mode of transportation, and of course your oral hygiene. In a society where so much emphasis is placed on appearances, just how big a role does the cleanliness, overall appearance, and aroma of you mouth play?

Oral hygiene is the care of your mouth including removal of food particles, plaque, and tartar from teeth to prevent cavities and gum disease. Oral hygiene also involve bacteria removal which left unchecked can lead to a foul odor. Acceptable and commendable oral hygiene is obviously done with daily, regular tooth cleaning by toothbrush and floss. It should be reinforced by dental visits once or twice a year to check for issues not always visible. Oral hygiene also includes the freshness of your breath and regular cleaning of teeth is one of the ways to ensuring that your breath does not become foul in any way. There could be nothing more noticeable than an individual who does not take the time to clean his or her mouth properly. Not only is tooth-brushing daily important, but proper brushing is absolutely critical. Dentists recommend brushing two to three teeth at a time in a circular motion, then move on to the next group of teeth. Tilting your toothbrush vertically also aids in proper cleaning by allowing more access to tighter areas as well as a variety of angles at which we access the teeth. We must not forget to brush the biting surfaces of the teeth which can be a commonly missed area. Simply use a gentle back and forth brushing motion to brush along the surface of your teeth where all your biting and chewing occur. It is also recommended that we run the toothbrush along the tongue to remove any odor causing bacteria for fresh breath and a cleaner feeling mouth. Many mouth washes are available as well. Some products combat gingivitis and tooth decay but this varies among the commercially available products.

Missing teeth, broken teeth, and crooked teeth are problems for many people. They can create the illusion that one doesn’t care about their appearance and this may reflect on the way they are viewed in their professional life as well as their personal life. The only way to repair these more serious oral problems is by seeking out a cosmetic dental professional. Insurance can be a touchy subject in regards to any type of cosmetic dentistry but the repair or replacement of your teeth should be viewed as an investment in yourself and your future. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing you’ve got a clean mouth and a perfect smile to bring with you wherever you go in life.

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