The Magic of Lip Makeup

By Arsya Jun5,2020 #magic #makeup

Lip Makeup makes the difference between plain lips, and lustrous lips. From lip gloss to lip stick, you are never out of options to play up your lips. For lips that are on the thin side, lighter glossier shades are better to help plump up the looks of your lips. For larger lips, wear darker shades to kind of tone down the size of your lips.
Lip makeup isn’t just lipstick. It’s also in the form of a lip brush and color. You can take eye shadow, dip an applicator wand in water, dip it into your eye shadow and apply it to your lips. You may want to apply a little Vaseline first if your lips are kind of dry. It will give you a cool new color. Or mix two eye shadow colors together and apply with the applicator wand.
Another way to make your lips appear fuller is to apply foundation to your lips but extend a little past your natural lip line. Set them in powder and then put on your favorite lipstick. Then, either put a little gloss over it or leave just as is. This is a trick that professional make-up artists use.
For a night out a killer red lip tint is a great way to show off full pouty lips. Make sure to not go too overboard on your eye makeup if you do try the red shade. Less is more. Or go with a unique shade that has shimmer in it. That is both pretty, stands out, and is fun. A little sparkle is also expressive over lip gloss or another lip shade.
You could also try one of those plumping kits to make your lips fuller. But keep in mind they work by irritating your lips, thus causing them to swell up and appear thicker. Temporarily, that’s probably fine. But it will probably not be so great if you used it too much.
They also have pearl-like shades out on the market. Perfect for a casual night out or even a date since it’s make up for your lips, but is not super fake looking.
Lip liner is supposed to be a thing of the past for now. Unless you use a shade lighter than your natural lip color leave it in your bag or don’t buy it-unless you are a trendsetter. Of course you could get a shade and fill in your entire lip rather than just lining them. That is another fun way to wear lip makeup.

By Arsya

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