Lip Makeup For the Beautiful Girl

By Arsya Apr23,2021 #beautiful #makeup

Lip makeup has made its mark in women’s cosmetics as one of the most profitable industries. Lip Makeup has so many different products that women purchase all over the world to enhance their lips. Large lips have become a universal symbol of beauty. This has made lip makeup an extremely profitable industry that spans many different products with many different functions. Women and men’s obsession with beauty have turned the cosmetic industry into a multibillion dollar industry. This cheap alternative to cosmetic surgery grosses over 10 billion globally for natural beauty products alone. Creating one of the worlds largest industries and one of the greatest obsessions with external beauty.
One of the most famous beauty products is lipstick. Lipstick is used all over the world. Internationally the most purchased color is red. Red lipstick is a sign of lust and this theme is consistent all over the globe. Lipstick is also highly used for enhancing the size of lips. Most cultures value a woman with larger lips. As a result many woman use lighter lipstick colors to make their lips appear larger. If women already have large lips they use darker colors do draw more attention.
Lip gloss has become extremely popular in the last twenty years. Lip-gloss plumper can make lips appear much larger. As soon as lip plumper is applied the lips sting and become swollen. This is caused by the strong cinnamon or minty flavor that theses products contain. This can be extremely painful and is similar to a burning sensation. Many women use lip plumper over their lipstick to obtain large colorful lips.
Lip liner has become extremely popular to enhance the size of lips. Many women take all the color out of their lips by applying powder foundation. Once the lip color is masked by the foundation women draw their desired lip size. They then color in the outlined area with lipstick. This creates the illusion of much larger lips. This method is painless but wears off easily and looks unnatural.
Women will continue to purchase cosmetics with hope of being more desirable. The cosmetic industry has become creative with new products that can act as a surgery alternative or do absolutely nothing. Most recently clear mascara hit the market that does not lengthen your lashes. Defeating the whole purpose of this products original intent. Lip makeup still dominates the market and will continue for decades to come.

By Arsya

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