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Attaining the highest levels of beauty is the aim of almost every woman. Some people might find it pretentious but I have always found it important to look and feel beautiful. In this article I offer some very simple and basic beauty tips that go a long way in enabling one to achieve their desired attraction.
Many people rely extensively on makeup to look beautiful and are sometimes are too dependent on it for their needs. However it must be mentioned that makeup is really something artificial and sufficient care needs to be taken so that it is used in the best way possible. After all, makeup should only be approached as an ‘enhancer’ that enhances the innate beauty. There are many cases where the over-application of makeup can result in various ailments for the skin, which then has to be treated on its own. Thus, instead of making one look beautiful, makeup creates trouble for us! Focus then, should be shifted to more natural ways of enhancing ones beauty.
One of the most everlasting and time-tested beauty tips is to drink lots of water. We all know that 70 percent of our body is water and the same holds true for our skin. Hence it is only natural that we take care of keeping this ratio constant for our skin. Doing so keeps the skin plump and moisturized, and in this way is better able to fight of the dryness that so often plagues it, giving it a parched look. When there is sufficient moisture in our skin it also looks fresh rather than dull.
Sleeping is also one of the most essential regimens for attaining beauty. They say that one should sleep at least 9 hours a day and such sleep is known as beauty sleep. Sleeplessness has one of the most disastrous effects on the skin. The clearest indication of sleeplessness comes in the form of dark circles that develop around our eyes. Not only that, our skin also looks dull and does not radiate light well, just as in the case of not drinking enough water.
Finally, muscles in our face play a large part in maintaining the healthy glow and texture of our face. We should always try basic massage techniques that loosen up muscles in the skin. We do not need to spend too much time doing this. Just spending five minutes in the morning with this regimen would do.

By Arsya

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