The Right Facial Peel for Your Skin Condition

By Arsya Oct7,2020 #condition #facial #right

Facial peels are an excellent way to clear up skin problems and revitalize an aging appearance.
Most facial peels are chemical treatments which remove layers of the skin, revealing the newer, fresher skin beneath. For many years, chemical peels were only available under the care of a licensed dermatologist, but in recent years, these applications have been made available for in home use.
There are differing components that make up the facial peel. Choosing the right application for your skin condition means finding a product that has the right ingredients to target your trouble areas. Facial peels are commonly used to treat conditions such as severe acne and blemishes or darkened skin or brown spots that have resulted from over exposure to the sun. They are also used effectively to treat wrinkled and fine lines that come naturally with age.
If you find your skin has been damaged by ultra-violet sun rays or you have mild to moderate acne troubles, there are a couple different chemical peels that can help you. Glycolic peels as well as salicylic acid peels are commonly used to treat these conditions. They are among the more gentle facial peels, and have shown excellent results for these types of skin problems. Salicylic acid is often found in many blemish creams and washes, although it’s a much lower concentration than you would receive from a peel.
If you wish to turn back the hands of time, there are many treatments available for reducing wrinkles. You can also use these chemical peels to treat other skin problems such as blemishes and heavy acne, or to lighten dark spots and discoloured or darkened skin. These type of skin problems are well treated with products such as a Jessner peel or a TCA peel.
Of-course, skin peels aren’t for everyone and you should consult a skin specialist or dermatologist before undergoing the procedure. Using the wrong chemicals for your skin condition or skin type, could aggravate the problem, so always talk to an expert first to find out what the possible risks and side effects might be.

By Arsya

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