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Tips For Looking Your Best in a Short Amount of Time

Professional facials may be nice but maybe you have a million things to do and do not have time for one. You can try facial routine instead to save time and still look great. First, rinse your face with a cleanser that matches your skin type, then massage your face with a gentle scrub for thirty seconds and apply a mask containing fruit which will help make your face shiny and give it that glowing look.
You can also use an eye cream and lip balm to finish up. This will leave you looking and feeling great and only takes about ten minutes. To hide those wrinkle lines by your smile, try using a base that contains silicone, it will make those lines blurry and make your smile and skin look much smoother.
One of the things that take the longest when trying to get ready is drying your hair. If you are pressed for time, try putting your hair dryer on high heat and using your fingers to tousle the hair underneath to get the moisture out of it quicker. Then in order to quickly dry the top layer, use a round brush and apply tension to the roots and ends of your hair. You will be surprised at how much faster it dries than it did before. To freshen up after working out or being outside in the heat, try using a facial wipe on your face and arms. Then you can apply a lightly scented body powder which will help keep you dry and give you a great smell.
We all have plenty of things to keep us busy throughout the day and we do not always have time to spend on making ourselves look our best for clients or company. However, if you follow these simple tips you can look your best in no time and no one else will know that you were running short on time.

By Arsya

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