Use Silk to Attach Hair Extensions

By Arsya Jan2,2021 #attach #extensions

The traditional fused hair extension is attached to your natural hair using beading, glue or other adhesive. These fusions are frequently damaging to the natural hair, causing breakage and other damage and preventing the hair from growing as it should.
The other problem with these adhesion methods is the amount of caution needed when caring for your locks. Heated curling irons and flat irons can cause problems. Even something as simple as your hair conditioner can create a mess in the area where extensions are fused with natural hair. It makes the extension high maintenance and much less enjoyable.
However, Protein Silk Hair Infusions have solved the most common dilemmas regarding the application and after care of hair extensions. Silk is an incredibly strong substance, and this protein is used to bead the extensions to your natural strands.
Not only does this look completely natural, but it can be treated as completely natural. Your regular hair will continue to grow as you wash, style, curl or straighten your hair. You won’t have to shy away from up do’s or pony tails for fear of breaking the fusion or exposing the seams. In fact, you can wear your hair any which way you like.
Protein Silk Hair Infusions will change the way you think about hair extensions. The beading will last at least six months and quite often up to a full year. You won’t have to sacrifice swimming or dips in the hot tub for the sake of your hair. Nor will you deter your natural hair from growing at a regular rate. In fact, the protein will actually protect your hair and nourish it so it will grow longer.
It’s the ideal way to apply hair extension, because the feeling, look and care of your extended hair is absolutely free-flowing and natural. So you can live, work and play with great hair all day, every day.

By Arsya

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