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Natural Beauty

How to Take Good Care of Your Hair Extensions

We all know that our hair is our crowning glory, and women are continuously looking for ways on how they can improve the looks of their hair. This also leads a lot of company to manufacture different kinds of products that are promising better and longer hair within a few …

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Use Silk to Attach Hair Extensions

The traditional fused hair extension is attached to your natural hair using beading, glue or other adhesive. These fusions are frequently damaging to the natural hair, causing breakage and other damage and preventing the hair from growing as it should.
The other problem with these adhesion methods is the amount …

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Natural Makeup

What Are Eyelash Extensions?

The latest trend to hit the beauty world is eyelash extensions. Those false eyelashes that reside in the same family as your toothbrush or broom are a thing of the past. Eyelash extensions have rapidly taken over and are quickly becoming one of the most popular developments to emerge in …