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What To Consider When Planning Family Portraits

Having professional family photos taken is a fun way to document your family’s growth over the years. Many people like to share a favorite photo by using it on a holiday card or sending a copy to the grandparents. A family photo gallery wall lets you see your family timeline all in one place. Here are a few tips for getting great family photos that you’ll love to look at and share.

Fresh Haircuts

A couple of weeks before your scheduled photo session, take everyone to a family-friendly hair salon Northridge CA to tidy up their locks. Planning this for a couple of weeks ahead of time will allow everyone’s hair to settle into a natural look, rather than highlighting that they’ve just come from the salon. For any family members who have hair they can wear in multiple styles, practice ahead of time which hairstyle you’ll do on photo day.

Coordinating Outfits

Some families opt for perfectly matched outfits, with everyone in a blue sweater and khaki pants, for example. More and more, though, photographers are recommending that outfits coordinate rather than match. This looks more natural and also adds more visual interest to your photos. When choosing outfits, keep in mind where your photos will be taken. A brightly colored background works best with more neutral clothing, but you can choose fun, bright clothes if your background is more muted.

Head Outdoors

Bringing nature’s beauty into your family photos can add texture and interest and allow everything to feel more relaxed. Depending on the time of year, find parks or other outdoor areas with seasonal interest. A late summer sunflower field or colorful autumn trees can frame your family beautifully. Ask your photographer for their location suggestions. Many of them will know of picturesque areas that you might never have thought of.
Family portraits are a wonderful way to mark the passage of time. Plan ahead to be sure you end up with photos you love.

By Arsya

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