Contact Lenses and Makeup: How to Care for Your Lenses

By Arsya Mar10,2022

Contact Lenses and Makeup: How to Care for Your Lenses

Contact lenses are a great way to enhance your vision while retaining your everyday look. Unlike glasses, contacts allow you to see clearly without any indication you have an eye sight problem. They are perfect for that special occasion as well as everyday use. With no frames obstructing the face, they allow the wearer to use make up with ease. Although contact lenses make this possible, incorrect lens handling can result in disastrous consequences. With the introduction of colour contact lenses an increasing number of people are using contact lenses that are purely for cosmetic use. As these require no prescription they are much easier to get hold of and can lead to improper use.

Ensuring good lens care practice for both regular and occasional wearers is essential. It is important too that lens care is integrated into any contact lens wearers daily routine. Getting mascara, eye liner, eye shadow or any other product in your eyes or on your lens can not only cause red eyes but can lead to a nasty eye infection. Not a good look for night or day.

By following these simple rules you, your eyes will not only be healthy but look amazing.

– If possible, pluck your eyebrows before insertion.

– After bathing be careful of fluffy towels and the fibers they leave behind.

– Insert lenses immediately after washing.

– Always wash your hands before handling your contact lenses.

– Apply moisturiser before inserting your lenses.

– Blink your eyes when using a hair dryer to avoid dry eyes.

– Use re-wetting drops to provide moisture to dry eyes.

– Use hairsprays and perfumes before you insert your contacts.

– If using contacts around sprays, ensure you keep your eyes closed until it has settled.

– Remove your contact lenses before removing your make up.

If you do manage do manage to get anything on your lens, make sure you rinse them thoroughly using an appropriate lens care solution. Take your lenses out and put them in the solution, rub a few times before re-insertion.

As an additional precaution for anyone who wears contact lenses or just suffer from sensitive eyes, it is recommended to use a make up brand specially designed to be gentle on your eyes. Contrapharm’s Eye Care range of mascara’s, eye liners and make up removers have been formulated with contact lenses in mind. Eye Care products are fragrance free, paraben free, chrom free and ultra-micronised to avoid eye irritations. In addition all brushes are nickel free with applicators are sterilised before packing to guarantee safe use.

By Arsya

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