Dental and Home Remedies For Tooth Whitening

By Arsya Mar10,2022

Dental and Home Remedies For Tooth Whitening

If you can not stand the way your teeth look you have several options. It is time to say good bye to stained teeth with tooth whitening. The least expensive way is purchasing a kit from the drug store. You may decide to seek professional help by visiting your dentist. He can be a wealth of information for you. Choosing dental treatments can get very expensive.

Make an appointment with your dentist and explain how you want better looking teeth. He will tell you all the treatments and explain what happens during each one. It is best to go home and think about it for a little while instead of making a snap decision. After you come to a conclusion call and make another appointment and move forward.

The first way a dentist can change the shade of your teeth is called laser bleaching. They place a peroxide gel on the teeth and then shine a laser light into the mouth. The light makes the gel react and it begins to work. It may take more than one time to see the results that you desire. This can be quite expensive so you may have to save your money for a little while.

The second process is a little more detailed. They must make a mold of your teeth and from the mold they construct a mouth tray that fits only your mouth. They use a similar gel to fill the trays and it is placed in your mouth. You will have to sit there for a period of one to two hours. Once you see how it came out, at that point you decide if you need to come back again.

Let us talk about what you can do at home to lighten your smile. You can get this merchandise where you buy tooth paste. The first is strips that you place on the top and bottom teeth, leave on for a specified amount of time. You must read the instructions to determine how many days to use the strips. The progress is gradual and you will notice changes over time.

There is a product that is usually white in color and you brush each tooth with it and you must let it dry. After it dries out you must brush thoroughly to get it off. You will see a difference after several applications. Like the strips, it may be a week or more before you notice that the shade is getting brighter.

Most grandmothers will tell you that plain old baking soda gets rid of tooth stains. The only way to know for sure is to try it. You have to know that the taste is really bad so you could mix tooth paste with the baking soda for the mint flavor. Brush with this twice a day and you will begin to see a difference in no time.

It will be a great day when you can say good bye to stained teeth with tooth whitening products. Start by talking to your dentist because he can tell you everything you need to know about office treatments and products from the drug store. You just need to know if they are safe and will not harm the teeth in any way.

By Arsya

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