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Health Benefits of Essential Oils

With most people embracing an organic lifestyle, one product that has caught on is essential oils. Essential oils come from concentrated plant extracts, and most of the time, they are used in massage therapy or aromatherapy. However, you can still find different types of essential oils used in various ways. Here are a few benefits of essential oils.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Studies have found that essential oils can help reduce stress and anxiety. When one inhales essential oils, the brain helps elevate certain emotions that make you feel hopeful and optimistic. In addition, you will find that most essential oils are used in aromatherapy as they help manage stress.

Skin Nourishment

Essential oils provide the skin with deep nourishment that helps heal damaged skin. That is why you find it in a lot of personal care products. Besides that, you can also find them in organic surface cleaners, which means these are products gentle on your skin. They have anti-inflammation properties that help reduce any skin irritation.

Sleeping Aid

Some essential oils like lavender come with a relaxing fragrance that can improve the quality of sleep. To test this claim, scientists used several senior adults suffering from dementia. After sprinkling a bit of lavender essential oils on towels and placing it around their pillows, the older adults slept for longer. If you struggle with getting enough sleep at night, consider this natural treatment.

Prevent Diseases

Many essential oils contain antioxidant properties. One of the roles of antioxidants is to prevent cells damage caused by free radicals. Such damages usually have serious consequences, including causing cancer. You can ingest essential oils orally through supplements, teas, or mouth drops.

Essential oils certainly do have some benefits to your body. However, that does not make them a substitute for treatment. If you are unwell, go to the doctor and find out of you have a condition that needs immediate treatment.

By Arsya

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