Face Wrinkles – Why Vitamin D – Part 1

By Arsya Sep5,2020 #vitamin #wrinkles

Vitamin D – Sunshine Vitamin
Vitamin D is a wonderful and important vitamin for quite a few organs of the body, including the skin. Did you know that the skin is considered the largest organ of the human body? Among the organs of the body that need Vitamin D are:
– bones
– breasts
– colon
– intestine
– kidney
– lungs
– prostate
– retina
– skin
– stomach
– uterus
and quite a few more!
Vitamin D – Slowing Down The Signs of Aging, Making The Body Strong
Without proper amounts of Vitamin D, the skin can become wrinkled or withered. Also proper amounts of Vitamin D helps the skin to retain moisture. Vitamin D is an important factor in the transport of calcium into the blood. Vitamin D is important for growth of bones and the strength of the bones. If someone does not have sufficient Vitamin D in their system then the aging process could seem to accelerate. Also, various other conditions could be affected such as low strength in the muscles, osteoporosis, arthritis and psoriasis.
Food and Supplement Sources of Vitamin D
There are many supplements that include Vitamin D both as individual supplements as well as being contained in multi-vitamins. Look for these to keep face wrinkles to a minimum as well as wrinkles anywhere (cream wrinkles) on the body.
From foods Vitamin D is contained in fish, beef and eggs:
– Catfish
– Herring
– Mackerel
– Salmon
– Sardines
– Tuna
– Whole eggs
– Beef
Vitamin D Sources For Vegetarians
A quick look at the above list leaves vegetarians out in the cold, so to speak. The good news is that various foods are fortified with Vitamin D from sources such as mushrooms and yeast. These include the well-known fortified milk (cow milk) and fortified soy milk.
Vitamin D From The Sun, Hurray For The Skin!
In the next article in this series, we will go into detail on getting Vitamin D from the Sun. Down with wrinkles!

By Arsya

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