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Natural sea sponges are original natural product developed by nature, which has no equal in their properties and qualities.


Kereso sea sponges are organisms that live at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea, exclusively in clear water, at a depth of 30-70 meters. All sponges are mined by hand in the north of the Mediterranean and are processed for several weeks according to the traditional technology of Greek masters, which allows them to fully preserve their beneficial properties.


Marine sponges practically do not need processing, they are only dyed with natural dyes and slightly trimmed, giving shape. Thus, marine sponges retain their natural qualities, do not cause allergic rashes on the body, and can even relieve irritation that has appeared on the skin.

Unlike rough foam sponges and hard synthetic washcloths, marine sponges cleanse the skin more gently and no less effective. Elastic to the touch, they quickly absorb and retain soap suds for a long time. Therefore, they are highly valued by cosmetologists. When it is required to clean the patient’s skin before the procedures so that there are no scratches on it, they use marine sponges. And no exceptions are made even for the most delicate skin of the face.

Scope of marine sponges



Sea sponges are easy to wash off makeup, excess cream or cosmetic masks. Sponges thoroughly and gently cleanse without injuring the skin and tone the facial muscles. They are easy to disinfect. They have a soft texture and do not scratch the skin. Natural sea sponges do not absorb the composition as much as synthetic latex ones, differing in their efficiency. This is a great option for face care.


Ideal for baby bathing and massage 

Natural sea sponge is the only natural product that does not damage a baby’s delicate skin. The whole world has been using natural sea sponges for bathing children since birth for many centuries. In the first days of life, it is enough to wipe the baby with a wet sponge dipped in warm water. And after the umbilical cord falls off, the baby is ready for the first bath.


Despite the rather rigid structure when dry, natural sea sponges for baby bath and even for adults eco bath are an ideal option. When they get wet, they become tender and soft, perfectly absorb and foam. The sponge has intriguing shapes and a warm golden color. When you use it, you feel all the softness and silkiness bestowed by nature on your skin. Its unusual structure will not scratch or damage the delicate skin of a baby or the delicate skin of an adult’s face. Absorbing a large amount of water, the sponge becomes very soft and creates abundant foam. 


In order for marine sponges to serve as long as possible, never twist them, trying to wring them out, otherwise, the porous structure will begin to collapse and the sponges may break into pieces. To remove water from the sponges, simply squeeze them tightly with your palms – this will be enough. Sponges should not be dried next to the heated towel rail, they dry out and tear from high temperatures. Better just hang them over some hook above the bathtub. And in no case do not wash the sponges with household chemical detergents with chlorine and chemicals that can “eat” them, leaving pathetic lumps from them. If you think the sponges are dirty, put some shampoo on them, lather them up, and they will become clean again, then dry. Do not immerse the sponge in very hot water and do not dry the sponge in the sun. 

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