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What Are Human Hair Wigs?

By Arsya Aug3,2022 #human hair wigs

You’re not alone if you’ve ever wondered what makes a wig so convincing. Many types of human hair wigs include Remy Single Drawn, Permed, and Full lace wigs. These varieties come in two basic types: non-Remy and Remy. Remy’s hair is made from hair that has the cuticle layer intact and appears natural, while non-Remy hair has removed this layer. As a result, non-Remy hair is more expensive and has a more distinct texture than natural hair. You can learn more about human hair wigs Indiana.

Remy Single Drawn

Remy Single Drawn Human Hair wigs are a fantastic alternative to other wig types. Unlike other synthetic hair, Remy’s hair is not washed and sorted. Single-drawn hair is clean, and the shortest hairs are removed to make them easier to work with. Single-drawn wigs are also more affordable. However, you should check out the reviews to ensure that the wig is worth buying.

Remy single-drawn hair is produced by procuring human hair from Asian countries. The hair is dyeable to match your personality. A strand of 1kg consists of 10 pieces. A single part of 100 grams contains one article. Care should be taken when handling Remy’s hair. This type of hair lasts about 1.5 to 2 years. A single-drawn bundle includes approximately 50% full and varied-length strands. It is important to remember that Remy’s hair is delicate and should not be handled in rough manners.

Permed with a chemical-free steaming process

Arnold F. Willatt developed the chemical-free steaming process in 1938. This technique uses no heat or machines, and hair is wrapped on rods. The process works by breaking disulfide linkages, giving natural hair elasticity. Hydrogen peroxide is used to close these bridges. This process takes six to eight hours at room temperature. A chemical-free alternative can be a great alternative to conventional perming.

Permed with a chemical-free steaming process

There are two types of perms for human hair wigs: classic and chemical. Classic perms require the application of heat and chemicals to the hair but use less irritating substances. Chemical relaxers use hydrogen peroxide and water in the perm process. Modern hair-perming chemicals are gentler and can be applied to natural hair without harming it.

Non-REMY hair undergoes the chemical-free steaming process. This method alters the hair’s cuticle, making it weaker and causing the strands not to align correctly. As such, steam processing shouldn’t be performed too frequently. Steam processing damages the cuticle, which is the outermost layer of hair. It protects the medulla and makes hair appear soft and healthy.

Full lace wigs

The first thing you should consider when buying full lace human hair wigs is their price. Next, you should check out the brands and their warranty policies. Finally, you also want to check out the specs and functionality of the wig. The larger the specs, the better, right? So let’s start with the basics: what does a full lace wig look like? What are its benefits and advantages? How do I know if it will give me a look I want?

There are two types of full lace human hair wigs: glueless and glue-in. The former is suitable for people with sensitive skin or allergic reactions. A glueless wig has to be hand-tied. Although some offer customizable measurements, most come with the closest cap size. Then, it would be best if you secured it with adjustable straps or combs.

Another thing to consider is the density. Hair density is a critical factor in choosing the right wig. The standard density is 120%.

Indian curly lace front wigs

The Indian curly lace front human hair hat is one of the most luxurious types of wigs on the market today. The Indian wig features plenty of lace and hand-tied knots. The hair is harvested from temples in southeast India and has not been steamed or altered. The top-quality wig is made from 100 percent Remy Indian hair. Its natural look and feel are reminiscent of the natural look of the scalp.

The wig’s natural curl pattern is a big plus. The hair is shipped in its natural state, making it ideal for styling and other options. HD lace is the thinnest lace on the market. It is straightforward to install and can be worn by novices. This wig is glueless and can be worn with or without a stocking cap. The knots are lightly bleached to preserve the unit. However, for the best results, it is recommended that you wear a stocking cap to maintain a natural scalp look.

Indian straight lace front wigs

You can easily change your look with a human hair wig, allowing you to change your color, length, and style instantly! These wigs are also great for protecting natural hair since they are made of 100 percent Indian Remy human hair. 

By Arsya

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