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Possible Cosmetic Surgery Complications

By Arsya Apr12,2022

Possible Cosmetic Surgery Complications

Cosmetic surgery; something that was once considered taboo, is now becoming increasingly commonplace. The media is partially responsible for this shift by continually highlighting the (sometimes unrealistic) ideals of physical perfection. Everyone that has the slightest flaw is encouraged to get it fixed. There are even reality shows on television where people compete for plastic surgery. While cosmetic surgery can be a positive option for individuals to perfect what they envisage as flaws and improve their self esteem, there is a serious side to contemplate when considering invasive cosmetic surgery procedures. Cosmetic surgery can involve possible complications. Complications related to surgery that is not elective do occur. Possible complications include: bleeding, scarring, bruising, allergic reaction, and in severe cases even death.

One of the most common complications of cosmetic surgery is bleeding. This is a complication that is associated with all types of surgery, including non elective ones. What is to be considered is that the more invasive the procedure, the greater the risk of excessive blood loss is. Doctors typically have emergency procedures which are performed in the event of excessive bleeding however you should always inform doctors about all your medical history to avoid excessive bleeding.

Scarring and bruising can also be another complication of plastic surgery. Sometimes the post-op healing process does not go as well as planned and people can end up with permanent scarring. That is something that takes the glamour out of plastic surgery. It is equally important to understand that the results you expected may in some instances not be achieved and to choose a reputable experience cosmetic physician.

Allergic reaction is another potential complication of plastic surgery. No one can predict how one’s body will react to the anesthesia or the surgery, so this risk is always there. An unlikely, but possible complication of cosmetic surgery is death. A risk with all surgery this can potentially happen in a few ways. The most common is if a patient is given too much anesthesia and subsequently slips into a coma and dies.

For the aforementioned reasons, people need to be extremely cautious when opting to have plastic surgery. People should also receive a full medical examination before even thinking about this surgery. They should also make sure that they select a qualified, board-certified plastic surgeon. The risk of complications cannot fully be eliminated, but they can be reduced.

There are some procedures which are in fact growing in popularity for several reasons. These are non surgical treatments. Many people are now opting to have procedures which are not invasive in nature as they eliminate the need for longer recovery times, and imminent danger and provide similar if not better results in some cases. The Victorian Cosmetic Institute is a good example of a clinic which specializes in non surgical procedures. Currently offered are: non surgical face lifts, skin and lasers treatments. Non surgical facial treatments include the injection of dermal fillers. Dermal fillers provide patients the opportunity to refine facial features and smooth out wrinkles and lines via a serious of appointments. A qualified physician offers advice on the best course of action and this non invasive surgery offers little recovery time and excellent results.

By Arsya

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