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What Is VASER LipoSelection?

What Is VASER LipoSelection?

VASER LipoSelection, also, also known as VASER lipo, is a type of body contouring procedure that removes unwanted fat from various areas of the body. Considered an alternative form of fat removal surgery, VASER LipoSelection uses sophisticated ultrasound technology to gently and meticulously reshape parts of your body. What distinguishes this procedure from the rest is its ability to tell the difference between targeted areas of fat from other vital tissues, such as blood vessels, connective tissues, and nerves. This modern form of liposuction breaks up fat deposits and preserves other vital tissues that promote the body’s healing process.

VASER LipoSelection Procedure

During the procedure, the areas targeted for reshaping are infused with a mixture of saline and anesthetic that both numbs the site and minimizes surrounding blood vessels (to help reduce blood loss and bruising). The saline mixture lubricates and makes it easier to remove the deposits of fat with the VASER LipoSelection ultrasound system. A small probe from the ultrasound system is used to transmit energy in the form of sound waves to break up and liquefy the fat. The fat is then carefully suctioned from the area through a small tube inserted into the skin.

Areas That Can Be Treated With VASER LipoSelection

Cosmetic surgeons have had great results in treating the following areas of the body:








Breasts (both male and female)



Love handles

It is not recommend that you have areas of excess fat surrounding the eyes treated with this form of liposuction.

VASER LipoSelection Limits

As is the case with any form of fat removal surgery, there are limits on the total amount of fat that can be safely removed. To get an idea of just how much fat can be removed, stand up and then bend over to waist level. The squishy areas of fat that you can easily take hold of both above and below your waist is about how much fat can be safely removed from your entire body at one time. It’s important to remember that VASER lipo is not a weight loss alternative. The purpose of VASER lipo is to contour the body into a slimmer-appearing shape.

Results and Recovery Time

Results and recovery time from VASER LipoSelection varies per patient. Some of the defining factors include such things as how much fat you have removed and the number of areas of the body you have treated.

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