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Preventing the Resurgence of Acne

Acne is normally associated with puberty or adolescence, because it usually appears during this stage for most people. Areas affected are the face, neck, shoulders, chest, and back – parts exposed and visible to the rest of the world, thereby causing a great deal of embarrassment and stress. It therefore carries a psychological impact, which may become severe if it results to some kind of permanent disfigurement.
Although not life-threatening in itself, extreme forms like acne cysts may rupture and cause scars. In such cases, seeking the help of a qualified dermatologist or skin specialist may be a necessary step, before prolonged treatment is required.
Acne, commonly also referred to as pimples, are tiny skin lesions or inflammations where natural oil or sebum pores are blocked from excretion by dirt or infection. Occasionally, they show up as lumps or nodules. Common sense dictates that frequent washing with soap and clean water is the simplest and most effective way of combating this problem.
Additional measures to prevent pimples include:
• Regular showers – unclogs pores to avert any outbreak
• Clean clothes – keeping good hygiene also boosts grooming
• Routine relaxation – the body restores and refreshes itself, including the skin cells
• Removing make-up – a procedure always to be remembered before sleeping
• Squeezing/Picking – absolutely forbidden because it increases the risk of infection
Other factors come into play, complicating individual condition:
• Heredity – predisposition may run in families
• Hormones – heightening sexual development worsens the affliction
• Diet – some edibles, especially sea foods and nuts, can cause aggravation
• Deficiency – lack of vitamins and minerals make for increased susceptibility
• Stress – worry, anxiety, angst, and other emotions definitely provide impetus
These recommendations are really quite simple, inexpensive, achievable, and effective. The only other option left to an acne sufferer, is a profoundly limited social life.

By Arsya

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