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The Main Function of Dead Sea Minerals For Beauty Care, Skin Care and Cosmetics

The main function of Dead Sea minerals relates to cell metabolism as well as stabilizing the moisture content of the skin, The molecular structure allows them to penetrate the skin and nourish its cells. Through osmosis the minerals draw out the cells moisture from the inner layers on the skin to the surface.
Dead Sea salts are a mixture of minerals and inorganic substances. The main elements in the salt extracted from the sea are magnesium, bromine, sodium, potassium, chlorine, calcium, and in much smaller quantities, strontium, iodine, lithium and sulfates.
It was only in 1936 that evidence from the first clinical studies showed that the Dead Sea was in fact not dead but very much alive!
Historic evidence exists that previous generations have benefited from bathing and using mud from the Dead Sea. Bathing in the water, is theraputic as it has many healing properties. The water’s rich mineral and saline content, regenerate the skin’s cells, leaving it with a healthy glow.
Scientific studies have shown that the nourishing elements from the Dead Sea work in harmony to relieve symptoms and increase feelings of well being.
Here are a few functions of the major minerals as summarized below
Interest in the development of Dead Sea minerals for producing modern cosmetics, began in the early sixties, with the idea of providing the unique benefits of Dead Sea minerals in the cosmetics industry.
Anti-allergen especially for sensitive skin, a moisturizer and a cofactor for many enzymes necessary for cell activity.
Antiseptic, heals and relieves skin diseases such as psoriasis, aids in relaxation of the nervous system.
Sodium and Potassium
Activates transportation across cell membranes, aids in absorption and releasing of toxins. Potassium
Water balance regulator, increases the rate of metabolism and aids in growth of cells. Chlorine
Improves minerals balance of cells.
Strengthens cell membranes, relieves pain, and activates enzymes.
Regulates enzymes and cell proliferation.
In conclusion, cells need a combination of minerals to prevent evaporation of moisture. Moisture is required to aid blood circulation and blood carries the oxygen required for cell metabolism. Therefore, loss of minerals results in the formation of wrinkles, cell shrinkage and damaged skin.
Mineral enriched water
Bathing in the thermo mineral spring water is theraputic as it has many healing properties. The waters rich mineral and saline content regenerate the skin’s cells, leaving it with a healthy glow.

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