Risks of Cosmetic Surgery

By Arsya Aug19,2021

Risks of Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery has much to offer those who choose to have it. Whether you need the procedure for medical reasons like a deviated septum, you want it to look better by having a tummy tuck, you need to realize that there are health risks involved. That is the case with any type of operation you have.

Any time that you have a procedure, there is a risk of infection. The most common area for infection to occur in is in or around the site of the incision. However, it is also possible for other kinds of infections to develop. Examples of these could be bladder or sinus infections.

The reason that an infection could occur at this time is because the immune system may be more vulnerable following an operation. Your body is doing its best to heal itself, and the immune system may be compromised because this is happening.

The signs that an infection has developed include redness, swelling, abnormal draining, or any warmth found around the incision. If you notice any of these symptoms, contact the operating physician right away.

When cosmetic surgery takes place, nerves are manipulated to get a desired result. Even when a surgeon is very precise and extremely careful, there is still the risk that nerves can be damaged in the process.

The nerves in the human body are sensitive, and damage to your nerves may contribute to future health complications for the patient. A small amount of damage to the nerves can result in tingling sensations in the area that has been affected. Severe damage to nerves can cause the body part to not function inadequately. When damage does occur during a plastic surgery operation, it is generally only minor and has only a temporary impact on the patient.

Any type of surgery involves a loss of blood. With the loss of blood, there is the potential for blood clots and hemorrhaging. A patient may also develop a hematoma. This means that blood has pooled under the incision. This necessitates a second surgery be performed.

Excessive bleeding is also a concern after some cosmetic surgery operations. If a patient is bleeding excessively, a transfusion may need to take place. This happens in very rare cases.

Blood clots in the legs sometimes form following a surgical procedure. While these happen quite often, they are only life threatening if the clot makes its way to the lungs. This is referred to as a pulmonary embolism. Wearing compression stockings can help to prevent this from happening. Your doctor may strongly recommend this preventative treatment for you.

By Arsya

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