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By Arsya Jul9,2020 #makeup #mineral #sheercover

How would you like to find more natural and organic mineral makeup products? If you’re like most people, you’d be thrilled. And that’s what I’d like to tell you a bit more about today.
The two big kahunas when it comes to mineral makeup are Sheercover and Bare Minerals. They are the biggest distributors of organic makeup on the market today, and give the best quality.
Both Sheercover and Bare Minerals provide an array of mineral powder makeup and foundations. They each give all the same benefits as liquid foundations but relieve you of all the hassle and of breakous and caking.
The competition in this marketplace is fierce. The niche of mineral and organic makeup has been around since the seventies, so this is hardly a new venture. And the biggest up and coming company, lately, has been Naked Minerals. They sell their high quality products exclusively online, and so far seem to be doing very well.
Both Sheercover mineral makeup as well as Bare Minerals is easy to apply, and give a very smooth, elegant and natural look. Each of them have their own application process which requires you to mix the core foundation powders to get the shade which best matches your skin tone.
To find the one that works best for you, you need to test. I’ve personally transitioned into using only pure minerals in my makeup these days. As nothing will make your skin look better and more natural. Sheercover as well as Bare Minerals can be found and bought online or over the phone. Just do a search for “where to buy Sheercover mineral makeup”, or something like that, and you’ll find plenty of sources to choose form.
Get out there and start testing which mineral makeup looks best on you! In this day and age it’s really no longer necessary to expose your skin to a lot of dangerous chemicals. It’s much better for you (and the environment) to the the natural way. And it’s all there for the taking – Sheercover, Bare Minerals, Naked Minerals etc. You take your pick. Your skin will reward you for it.

By Arsya

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